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  • Jackson Wise

3 Phrases to Avoid When shopping Insurance

How to avoid cheap insurance.

There are Insurance companies that always seem to have the cheapest rates.

There’s a reason for that.

They know that the average Joe will go along with whatever their insurance agent advises them on…as long as the price is right.

When dealing with insurance, always avoid these 3 things.
  • Actual cash value

  • State minimums

  • High deductibles

Ask your agent about these when doing your research.

Actual cash value includes depreciation when looking to replace whatever was lost. Instead, look for the phrase “Replacement Cost”. As it sounds, when something is lost, insurance will cover the price to replace the item at that time.

State minimums are the legal limits for insurance. These don’t cover a whole lot. Instead increase your limits of liability and property damage. I suggest at least 100/300/100…ask your agent about it.

And Deductibles should be low enough to not break the bank, but high enough to get you to think twice about filing an insurance claim.

If you buy cheap insurance, you will be frustrated when you need it. Instead, get quality insurance so you can be Rest-Insured.

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