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  • Jackson Wise

8 ways to pay more for insurance

Have you ever thought to yourself, "MAN! I wish I could be paying more money for insurance!" ?

Well you can! Most people don't know that you can have a big effect on how much you pay for insurance. You can actually do these 8 things to raise that bill every month all on your own!

And trust me when I say that they are so easy to do!

Change your insurance companies often! Just like women, insurance companies love it when you have commitment issues.

Bring those deductibles as low as possible; the lower, the better.

Get as many tickets as possible. While you're at it, hit as many cars as you can too!

Ignore the bundle deals. Flo? How about No.

Claim EVERYTHING. Insurance likes to be used. And you're paying for it already, so use it any chance you get!

Play hard to get. Insurance Loves it when you go without coverage for a while. Makes them feel more valuable.

*Absolutely do not pay in full. Spread those payments out as much as you can. Weekly, if possible.

*Destroy your credit. Open lots of credit cards, don't pay them off, and check your score daily to see how you're doing.

*doesn't apply to Californians*

So there you have it!

8 ways that you can raise those premiums all on your own!

Let's see who can get the high score!

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