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  • Jackson Wise

All adults should be smart enough to understand these basics terms

We've all been there.

We get asked a question about something that somehow ALL adults know, but didn't learn in school, so they had to learn on their own or by someone teaching them.

This is me trying to teach you one of those things.

All adults should have an understanding of these basics terms


This is the dollar amount you pay for insurance every cycle. Typically you can choose monthly, quarterly, biannually, or once a year.


This is the most insurance is willing to pay-up per accident or per cycle. You chose how much you want insurance to cover


If you need insurance for an accident, this is how much you pay, on top of your premium, for insurance to "kick in".

Look, that wasn't so hard. Now you're an adult. Go learn other adult things like budgeting. Bring that one back to me because that is not my strong suit.

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