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  • Jackson Wise

Dangerous Game to Play with Google

Cheap. Quick. Fast. Insurance.

That’s a dangerous game to play with google.

You know what will pop up?

Exactly what you're looking for: Really cheap, Really fast "insurance".

Then when it's time to use your insurance, you're frustrated that is doesn't cover anything.

It's no wonder people hate insurance!

When you go mechanic, do you look for the cheapest mechanic or the one you can trust? When you go to get your hair done, do you go to Fantastic Sams or your barber/hair dresser?

Exactly. You can go to the cheap option. It'll be faster and cheaper, but you'll be way happier with the result if you go to the better option. Trust is worth the extra dollar.

When looking for insurance, go to a professional. You'll be really happy when you end up needing them for real.

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