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  • Jackson Wise

Do Red Cars Cost More to Insure?

Fact or Fiction: Red cars cost more to insure.

This is slightly more complicated than you might think.

The short answer is no.

Insurance uses these *factors when calculating your premium:

  • Driving Record

  • Style of Car

  • Annual Mileage

  • Age

  • Years of Driving Experience

  • Gender

  • Claims History

  • Location

  • Marital Status

  • Previous Insurance Coverage

  • Deductibles/Coverage Limits

  • Vehicle Use

  • Credit History

But the long answer is more complicated.

A few things are at play here.

Red stands out. So, when you drive a red car, the police are more likely to catch you than the 2010 grey Honda civic. And Tickets raise your insurance…a lot

But on the flipside, you're more visible to other drivers. This means you'd hypothetically get in less accidents. Less accidents means more discounts.

Finally, as humans we adapt to our surroundings.

Like when we wear sunnies, we feel cooler.

When we wear a suit, we feel more successful.

When we drive a red car, we feel like Lightning McQueen-fast and reckless.

This could get you extra fines or into accidents.

Which, again, would raise your insurance.

So Technically the answer is no.

But practically, I'll let you decide what you think.

*These vary by State. ie: California cannot use gender or credit to change your premium.

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