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  • Jackson Wise

Easy Insurance Hack

Recently I saw my brother’s To-Do list for the week. Right at the top was “make life easier”

I feel you Brian, and this one's for you.

Let me ask you- When was the last time you changed your insurance?

It’s probably been a while. Most people just stick with their current insurance, which was the one their parents were on, which is one they saw a TV ad for. The point is, you probably didn’t put much effort into finding the best insurance, and it’s probably not the best insurance for you.

If you read my last post, it's all about how you can cancel your insurance literally whenever.

So why don’t you look for better coverage? Well most people have the excuse of not knowing where to start, too much effort, or they think they have the best coverage already. There’s an easy solution to all of this.

Time for the real hack-

Go. To. An. Insurance Broker.

Insurance Brokers are agencies that can “shop around” a ton of different companies to find the best rates as well as the best coverage for your lifestyle.

The best part? They do all the work for you.

Not all Brokers are made the same. There are over 400,000 of them across the country.

I can’t say with confidence that all brokers are good, but they will at least show you how much you can save, or just give you options as to which insurance is best for you.

At the very least, if a broker can't get you better coverage, you can REST Insured that you are properly covered.

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