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From the Perspective of the Cold Caller

I heard this comedian once talk about a phone call that he received. "No caller ID"

We are all taught to hang up or just ignore those calls.

Obviously, he did not. He picked up and got a mouthful from someone who obviously had the wrong number…and of course he played along. This lead to series of other phone calls with this "fellow employee".

This inspired me to always pick up the phone when I can.

Who knows who is on the other line.

If it's a cold call, the worst that can happen is you say "no" to them. Why not listen to what they have to say. Who knows, maybe it's actually beneficial.

I recently started cold calling future clients, and it's a lot harder than it seems because everyone has a cold shoulder to cold callers.

You have a few seconds to turn the tables and make them like you, or even want to listen.

So the best way to approach cold calls from the caller side, is to just have fun with it.

If you're having fun, they may actually like you and then the bonus of that is they'll listen to you as well.

Here are some of my favorite opening lines that I've learned from others, made up myself, or a combination of both.

(if you have any others, I would LOVE to hear them)

Hello *client*, my name is Jackson, like Michael Jackson "EHEE", and I have something I think you'll be interested in. Are you gonna be the Man in the Mirror or are you just gonna tell me to Beat it?

OOOOO bummer! You just got trapped in a cold call! How do you feel?

Hey *client*, before we get into business, on a scale of 1-2 how is your day going so far?

Hey *client*, it's jackson…it's been a while. How are you?

"oh..hey Jackson…do I know you?"

"oh not yet, but you're going to want to"

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