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  • Jackson Wise

Hit-And-Run- Who pays for damages?

Have you ever wondered who pays for your car or your hospital bills if someone does a hit-and-run?

NYE is unsurprisingly the most common day to get a DUI. Which means Hit-and-runs are more likely with drivers being reckless and not thinking straight. Which means this is most important for this upcoming weekend!

Side note, don't be stupid. Driving while intoxicated is really dumb. We live in a time where you can literally pay someone to come to you and drive you wherever. No matter how expensive that is, it's worth it to save your life.

You can call the police, but the likelihood of catching the culprit is very low. This means that damages are probably coming out of your pocket.

That is, unless you have Uninsured Motorist, or UW, as an added endorsement for your car insurance.

Uninsured, or underinsured, motorist is a coverage that protects you if someone cannot afford to cover you with their insurance.

Some would say it's not their responsibility, and you're right, but wouldn't you rather be covered just in case?

I would…

Protect yourself, protect your family, and protect your car all without worrying.

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