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  • Jackson Wise

How to Talk to an Insurance Agent

Believe it or not, Salespeople are also human.

So if I could summarize this whole article into a sentence it would be this: Just treat sales people like you would any other person.

What's the best way to say "no" to a salesman?

Salespeople have a hard job. They usually have to call people out of blue or go door to door. Then they have to get these strangers, who already don't want to talk to them, to like them. That's rough. I get a ton of people ghosting me, using harsh words, or just being rude. I would say, If you want to be a decent human, let them finish their pitch. Then tell them No, nicely, and pair it with a valid excuse. I don't want to hear "not today". That's lame. And the worst thing is ghosting. At least tell them "no" so they stop wasting both of your time.

Is texting, emailing, or calling the best?

I use all three for different reasons. I find people are more relaxed when texting and it helps get simple information as well as planning for meetings. Emails are great for document sharing. Phone calls are great when I need to have a conversation. I know phone calls are scary, but I promise I won't bite.

I feel bad asking my friends to do work. Should I not reach out?

Trust me, as a salesman I would way rather work with Friends than strangers. I tell all my friends that I have no emotional connection to my product and I want the best for them, so if that's ever not me they need to be okay with switching. It's fun and feels good to help a friend, even if you won't get paid much, or at all, for doing it. So don't be afraid to ask your friends for help. They want to help you.

To summarize: Don't ghost, texting can be preferred, and your friends want to work with you.

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