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  • Jackson Wise

Speedos are the insurance equivalent of "full coverage"

When you're online shopping for insurance and you click the "full coverage" option

That just means you want all the typical pieces of an insurance policy...That's kind of just barely a step above the bare minimum.

Just like a speedo, this will cover a little bit, but not enough.

This includes state minimum liability and property damage, uninsured motorist at the same coverage, roadside assistance, and rental coverage.

This is a good start, but

Just like most people, if you want a solid amount of coverage, you'll need to make sure you have your "full coverage" but with different limits. Usually this means raising your coverage, but it could also mean taking away some things.

(For example, if you have AAA, you shouldn't be paying for roadside assistance as well)

And even then, it's not actually full coverage. There is no such thing as insurance covering everything

So, review your policy, and make sure you have the correct coverage so you can be Rest Insured

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