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  • Jackson Wise

Story Time

Even I was surprised.

Let me tell you a quick story.

Yesterday I was quoting a client for auto insurance. He was in a hurry because his registration would be taken away if he didn’t get coverage quickly.

He came to me asking for auto insurance only. As any good agent would, I also asked if he was looking for renters insurance to bundle. He quickly shot me down.

I ended up finding him a quote for car insurance which he was very content with.

I then proceeded to show him something to blow his mind, and quite frankly mine as well.

Just to see what would happen I added a renters policy as well. On top of that I added an umbrella policy too…we’ll talk about that later. This particular company really loves to bundle policies, so they gave him a huge discount for it.

The discount actually made the entire policy less expensive than it was with just the auto insurance.

He now has peace of mind that his assets are taken care of if anything happens to him. And all for a less expensive rate.

Moral of the story, go the extra mile- your customers are worth it.

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