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  • Jackson Wise

Using the Sales Triangle to your advantage

The Sales Triangle is a tool that you can use in any business, personal or professional.

It's a tool that you can use in your life too

Here's how I use it in insurance, but try and understand how you can use it for…basically anything

It goes like this:

There are three key points

  • Speed

  • Quality

  • Price

You can only get 2.

If you're looking for fast insurance at the cheapest price- we would call that "Strip Quoting."

This will only cover what's required and it'll be very cheap. You'll end up being very frustrated when you need your insurance most.

If you're looking for fast insurance that's high quality- its not the worst thing

it ends up giving you almost too much coverage, and it'll be more expensive than you'd like

Finally, we could get you quality insurance at the best price- this is the golden zone

This gives you hand tailored insurance, multiple options, and it'll be at very competitive pricing

And with comma, it's still a 24/hour or less quoting process. When you can hit 2 points of the Sales Triangle really well, and the third one isn't neglected, that's value add.

Next time you're looking to buy anything, consider the Sales Triangle when discussing your purchase.

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