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  • Jackson Wise

Warning: safety hazards of working from Home

Working from home!

The best thing to come out of a global pandemic

-Less pointless office meetings

-Way better meals

-And way more flexibility

One of the biggest loop holes of the century- writing things off as business expenses.

Now you can get that new coffee maker because you need the energy for work.

You can also get that new ergonomic stand up desk for your physical health.

Best of all, you don't need to worry about rising gas prices because they'll be covered in your networking budget.

Now that's a loop hole and a half.

The one big issue- Personal insurance does not cover business expenses.

SOOO that coffee maker and stand up desk-not covered.

And it gets REALLY tricky if you start writing off gas or anything with your car.

Insurance will most likely fight to not cover any damages is they find out you are using your car while doing business. You might be covered, but they may also drop you like a hot potato.

If you want to start writing things off, make sure you update your policies to cover ALL expenses, personal and business, so that you can be Rest-Insured.

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