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  • Jackson Wise

When do you actually get BOOTED from your parents insurance?

26....kind of....well...just let me explain

In the world of insurance there is no age limit that determines when you get booted off your parents insurance plan; with one exception.

I see some gears turning in your heads. Does this mean you can mooch from your parents forever? Stay with them and never pay for insurance?

Or for the parents-Does this mean I should kick my kids off sooner to save money *cough* I mean....teach them a lesson about finances?

All great thoughts and questions. Here’s the real answer. That mythical 26 comes from health insurance. Health insurance companies will not let you stay under your parents' coverage once you take 26 laps around the sun.

Home and Auto insurance typically have no age restrictions when it comes to staying on your parents' coverage.

BUUUUUTTT to stay on their policy you need to be living at the same house as your parents, or be in school.

So once you graduate,

and you’re living at a different property,

You need your own insurance policy.

No loopholes.

I know. I gave you money-saving hope, then took it away real quick. My bad.

Quick caveat- most insurance companies will give a summer-long grace period to get settled in. I call it "The Hot Boy Summer Exception." Barf.

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