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  • Jackson Wise

Why do you trust a gecko to protect you?

Let's get one thing straight: I'm not trashing on insurance companies with dumb commercials. I'm trashing on your judgment as to why you trust who you trust

It feels like every commercial break is full of crazy car deals that are happening RIGHT NOW ONLY for $0 down and insurance commercials.

Now obviously no one wants to talk about insurance in their free time, so the big brands have to spice things up to get you to trust them. Most of them have mascot nowadays whether that's an animal, a human, or the famous human and animal combo.

They make you laugh, and then they say something quick about insurance at the end. And somehow that gets you to trust them because you have a good feeling when you see them. I just want to push that idea a little further.

One logical reason you could trust them is if they have enough cash for big production commercials, they probably have enough money to protect you as well. While that is logical, it doesn't necessarily add up.

We've all seen companies that looked great from the outside fall hard and fast. And the other thing is that if a company chooses to save some marketing budget, they can allocate it maybe claims services or something important.

Again, I'm not bashing companies for using marketing funds. We all know that's important, but I want to show you a better way to trust an insurance company.

It's called the AM best rating system. This is an independent company that takes a look at the financial strength of insurance companies and gives them a score. So the higher the score, the more likely they are to be able to back what they say they can.

For example, Geico, even though it uses a lizard as it's mascot, has an A++ rating which is the best you can get. And Farmers, with all of their creative commercials and marketing, only has a B+. Not bad, but it's also not the very best.

When you're shopping around next for your insurance, ask the agent if they have an A rating for financial stability.

I just want to challenge you to think a step deeper when it comes to trusting who to protect your valuables, so that you can be Rest Insured.

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