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  • Jackson Wise

You Probably Thought These Were Covered Under Insurance. they aren't

Like I've said before: with insurance, you get what you pay for.

It can be great, or it can be a headache. Most of the time that people think it is a headache is when they don't have coverage that they should already have. These coverage below are not covered on a standard policy, but most have ways to cover them if you don't want to be left stranded when push comes to shove.

  1. Earthquakes

  2. Floods

  3. War

  4. Wear and Tear

  5. Sewer backup

Let me explain.

Earthquakes and floods can be covered on a separate policy. You can purchase both fairly easily, but they are not covered as a standard loss.

If war was covered, and a bomb went off to destroy an entire city, insurance companies would go out of business trying to recover everyone that lot a house without a doubt.

Wear and Tear is too common to be covered. If it were people would never have to buy anything new and insurance would just become a home warranty policy. Just take good care of your Valuables.

Sewer backup is a common addition to insurance if you have a good agent. This covers any damaged cause by liquids that went down the drain, but somehow ended up overflowing out of the same drain they went down.

So although insurance companies are there to protect you, they have to protect themselves before they can help others. Kind of like when the air masks come down on an airplane. If they go out of business, they will be no help to you or their other clients.

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