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  • Jackson Wise

Cole's Law

I had this friend in college named Cole...I mean, who doesn't have a friend named Cole, right?

Cole and I lived together, and this man has always been ahead of the game amongst his peers. He told me one day that if all of his stuff was stolen, insurance would replace it.

|| So I just assumed insurance was an adult thing to do, and I didn’t need to worry about it until after college.

That thought stuck with me, though. ALL of his stuff? But, it must be super expensive and a waste of money. So I asked. What do you mean all of your stuff? He told me that everything he owned was replaceable by insurance up to $25,000. His belongings didn’t add up to that, so it, quite literally, was all of his things.

“Well that must be really pricey. I can’t afford that.” I said. He replied telling me it was only $15 a month. FIFTEEN. Yes, you read that right. One hours worth of minimum wage covered all of his stuff.

I only had a few months left of school, so I decided not to do it for two reasons.

1-I thought it had to be an annual policy. (Which I now know is stupid. If you don’t know why, read my article on canceling insurance and getting paid.)

2-I was just lazy.

And, of course,

On the very last day of living in that house,

Most of my valuables were stolen.


As always, Cole was right.

Do me a favor. If you are a renter, listen to Cole.

Protect your valuables and Rest Insured.

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