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  • Jackson Wise

"Really?? That's Why My Rates Went Up?"

Our number 1 priority is explaining insurance to our customers.

When I first joined the insurance industry, I had little to no experience with it. I honestly couldn't even tell you what a deductible was.

And we recognize that so many people are like this; they're just living their lives blissfully unaware of what they are actually paying for.

This is where a lot of frustrations around insurance form.

So we try and educate our clients as much as possible to avoid this frustration.

The one thing I make sure to tell all of my clients is this: Never call your insurance company directly asking if something is a claim.

The reason: some companies take that as an invitation to open up a claim even if you didn't ask for it directly. If you have a claim on your file, that makes you look like a risky file, and therefore your insurance could go up the following year, or worse, you could get dropped.

Don't get me wrong, use your insurance when you need it. That is what you're paying for.

But, when you talk to your agent start the call with, "Hey. This is not a claim, but I do have a question about coverage."

This way they won't start a claim, but they can inform you on what would be useful vs not.

$2,000 water damage repair, probably not the best use of your insurance.

$20,000 pipe damage, now that's a good use of your insurance.

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