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  • Jackson Wise

If it's Not Easy, You're Doing Something Wrong

A step-by-step to finding the best insurance.

Step 1- Be Aware of Your Current Insurance Situation

Do you have insurance? If so, what are you paying monthly, what are your deductibles, and what is your coverage like?

If you don't have insurance, just be aware of important things you would want covered like your favorite guitar, your savings account, or your condo?

Step 2- Instead of Googling "cheap insurance", Find a Local Insurance Broker.

The reason I say insurance broker instead of agent is very important.

A typical agent can look for insurance within their company.

A broker can shop around a bunch of different companies.

This eliminates the steps where you repeatedly find an agent, talk on the phone, and get quotes all to compare yourself without expert advice.

Step 3 - Tell Them What YOU Want

Are you strictly looking for the cheapest insurance, or insurance that won't frustrate you like that one company in the past? Do you want your boat covered in the policy too? Your dogs? Your wedding ring? Share as much as possible. Insurance can't cover it, if they don't know about it.

Step 4 - Get Your Quote and Adjust.

Misconception: insurance agents choose the prices they give you. Nope, insurance is heavily regulated, and the agents only present what they are given. Pro tip- if your agent does not explain the coverages to you, they are a bad agent. They should tell you what is covered and what is not. From there you can ask to adjust things around until you are satisfied.

Step 5 - Confirm and Sign

Once you are satisfied with your quote, you can pay and sign. Depending on the company, payments can be made monthly, quarterly, biannually, and annually.

Step 6 - Rest Insured

Once you have the coverage you want, you can live your life in peace knowing insurance has your back.

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